Tribute bands

This year Night at the Park does not have one, but two stages!


On June 24 we will place an extra stage where tributes will be given to Queen, The BeeGees, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac. These great artists from the ‘70s and ‘80s will be impersonated till in the smallest details by Rhapsody Queen, Mirage, Nod Stewart & The Faces, Rootstriders and Saturday Night BeeGees, who come from the UK and the Netherlands.  



If you didn’t know any better, you would think Rod Stewart & The Faces decided to have an one-time reunion! That same raw energy and cheekiness, combined with pure passion, which makes the sound and songs of Stewart iconic. Everything matches, the vocals, the energy, the humour and the love for music. Close your eyes and you will be back in the iconic decades of the ‘70’s, 80’s and ‘90’s. Because of the professional experience and roots in music, the band of Nod Stewart can’t only perform their repertoire, but as diehard fans they know how to make a show with surprises while staying in character.

They are able to do this because the band members of Nod Stewart have in common that their roots in music were largely influenced by the music of Rod Stewart & The Faces. Combine this with their lifelong experience in music with acts in-and abroad. This makes the perfect recipe for a professional approach and real time experience. 

All the hits of The Faces and also of Rod solo will of course be performed. And in order to embrace the reunion vibes even more, the hits will now and then be varied with some of Rods own favourite, but less famous songs.



Party hard with songs such as Go Your Own Way and Don’t Stop with the highly recognisable sound of Stevie Nicks and visualised with the mysterious and flamboyant clothing of Christine McVie. The strong vocals of every individual member are a well-known characteristic of Fleetwood Mac, and will guarantee an experience that will set you back in the past, thanks to a line up with top-notch professionals such as the former Wild Romance drummer Gus Genser, bassist Joyce van Hoorn, keyboardist Louise van de Sande Bakhuyzen, guitarist Dominik Sprenger and singer Chaja van der Heide. 



Rootstriders are performing with their Tribute2BobMarley live shows since 2006.  In 2016 was their 10-year anniversary and that needs to be celebrated! It was also the year that the album Rastaman Vibrations was released 40 years ago, the only album of Bob that reached the American top 10 chart.

Rootstriders has therefore, in 2016, started a Positive Vibrations tour trough the whole country. On June 24, they will spread some of those positive vibrations at Night at the Park!



Saturday night BeeGees will perform 4 decades of non-stop hits; starting from the early ‘60’s with New York Mining Ramp 1941 and Massachusetts first British No1, followed by a disco explosion from the ‘70’s, including all time classics such as Stayin’ Alive, Jive Talkin’, Night Fever. Then hits of today’s era will be performed such as You Win Again and Alone etc.. This band of six has captivated the magical sound and authenticity of the Bee Gees.



Rhapsody Queen was established in 2005, and after only one year in a studio, they started to get shows all over the world. With a tour from India, the Middle East, the British embassies, Hampton Court Palace, Manchester Rock Radio and many British, European and worldwide festivals.

Rhapsody is a live band consisting of professional musicians who are guaranteed for a one hour long performance of the greatest hits of Queen. Rhapsody Queen can also be called a visual experience, as the show has many costume changes. The show will bring fans back into the glamrock years of the ‘70’s and the magic years of the ‘80’s.  Although the world is not able to enjoy the greatest rock band ever, the Rhapsody Queen seems to come pretty close near the original.


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