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#NATP17 Line Up

Night at the Park is offering a blast of the past with some of the biggest bands from the ‘80s and ‘90s! 


The artists, who haven’t changed a bit, perform as great as ever. And we are still their biggest fans. During Night at the Park 2017, Paul Young, Diesel, Level 42, UB40 (feat Ali, Astro & Mickey) and Garland Jeffreys will get on stage.


Paul Young

Who doesn’t know the man behind big hits as "Love Of The Common People, Come Back and Stay and Wherever I Lay My Hat? With many top-40 hits on his name, Paul Young can be called one of the greatest artists of the 80's.  His music combined with his warm voice have made him a highly respected ‘blue-eyed-soul singer’ with many fans.


Paul Young will also perform at Parkpop (June 25) as a part of the band Los Pacaminos. However, they will present another genre: tex-mex and americana music. 



The Dutch band Diesel is back again with a tour through the Netherlands and Canada. Their hit Sausalito Summernight was a huge success in the ‘80’s. Not only the Netherlands became a big fan, they also a big success in Canada. Sausalito Summernight was on top of the Canadian charts. Next to that, the song is every year in the annual Dutch top 2000 chart. Now, 35 years later, Diesel decided to perform again in the Netherlands and Canada. For this tour a new single will be released called ‘Like Hell I will!’, while working on their new album. Classics such as Goin’ Back to China and of course Sausalito Summernight will be heared during their performance during Night at the Park.



Level 42 has up till now released 14 studio albums, 7 live albums and 6 compilation albums with 18 op 40 hits, such as Lessons in Love, Something About You, Leaving Me Now, Running In The Family and Hot Water. They have soled out the Wembley Stadium at least 20 times! Therefore, we can say without any hesitation, that one of the most successful bands from the 80’s will perform at Night at the Park.



This band doesn’t need any introductions anymore: UB40 (feat Ali ,Astro & Mickey) are back since this year! Night at the Park is not only listening to the demand of the visitors by adding this great band to the line-up. However, UB40 likes to perform at the festival, as it was one of the most enjoyable performances they gave during Night at the Park 2015.  After their shows in America and the UK, they will perform their greatest hits again in The Hague.



It is an honour to announce that Night at the Park will offer the stage to Garland Jeffreys, who will give a unique and once time only performance in the Netherlands. Garland Jeffery dominated the charts with this song Matador in 1980.  Matador is even still played on the radio. Other hits followed such as Hail Hail Rock ‘n Roll, from the album Don’t call me Buckwheat. In April he will release his new album called 14 Steps to Harlem and he is working on a documentary about his live.


In 2017, many other artists next to Level 42, UB40 and Garland Jeffreys will give their acte de précence. Not only will there be popular artists on the main stage, there is more to see. De Coronas will yet again take their spot at their special request stage and at the whole festival area visitors will be brought back to the iconic decade of the ‘80s.



Night at the Park will have not one but two stages this year. On June 24 we will place an extra stage where tributes will be given to Queen, The BeeGees, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac. These great artists from the ‘70s and ‘80s will be impersonated till in the smallest details by Rhapsody Queen, Mirage, Nod Stewart & The Faces, Rootstriders and Saturday Night BeeGees, who come from the UK and the Netherlands. 


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